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Babymoon 101: What is a babymoon and why you need one.

What is it?

Lets start with this simple question first, shall we? “what exactly is a babymoon?” A babymoon is a relaxing or romantic getaway for soon-to-be parents to enjoy, before their new bundle of joy arrives. Babymoons are a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby and also celebrate your lives together as a couple.

Why you need it?

Once baby arrives, things change tremendously and will never be the a good way of course...but still, they WILL NEVER be the same. That's the MAIN reason couples decide to bring the babybump along for an adventure. Who knows when you will have alone time again once baby arrives. Parenting is a BUSY BUSY BUSY job and it's difficult to find time for yourself during the first year FOR SURE! Now, don't get me wrong...finding time for yourself is a MUST!...for sanities sake, but jet setting to an island, would definitely be a challenge. So, why not enjoy a last "Hoorah!" before baby arrives.

When should you take it?

Couples may travel anytime during pregnancy, even the home stretch "3rd trimester". Timing of your vacation is totally dependent on mommy to be, and how she feels. In my opinion, you should travel when mommy is least tired, least uncomfortable and feeling her best...I mean, she is the "traveler of honor" I right?

In my opinion, 2nd trimester is the best time to cross babymoon off your list of things to do! First semester may be full of morning sickness...and third trimester has the reputation of "I'm sick of this! Get this baby out now!" least that was my experience 3 times in a row. So, Listen to mommy-to-be...and you're sure to select a great time to travel.

Where to go?

Babymoon destinations are endless! Be on the lookout for an upcoming post dedicated to destination ideas and seasons to venture to those specific places, but for now...I'll keep it simple. Babymooners love to take both adventurous and relaxing vacations. Types of vacations include: beach getaways, camping trips, road trips, international vacations...just to name a few.

Let's not forget, babymooners are real couples too...with an additional person tagging along, but still....real people! The same as any couples trip, babymoons are very similar when choosing a destination. Just check with mommy-to-be and take her wherever her heart desires. She'll love it.

So, What' s the takeaway? A babymoon is a great way for couples to relax before a new baby arrives. Doesn't matter if it's a weekend trip or a weeklong adventure, every ounce of time spent together as expecting parents is absolutely worth it. Take the next step and click the button below. I would love to make your dream babymoon come to reality.

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