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Benefits of Taking a Couples Vacation as a NEW Couple: Advice from a Married Couple

Life can definitely get in the way of relationships....ANY and ALL kinds of relationships! But you definitely don't want life to get in the way of the relationships closest to you, that includes the one you share with your spouse or significant other. Feel like you're growing distant?...Or just want to strengthen the increasing bond you've worked so hard to establish? It’s time to take a trip! Listed below are reasons why you should plan your next couples vacation today.

1. New Memories to Cherish

Traveling as a couple, allows you to explore many new places where you can build memories to be cherished FOR A LIFETIME. You can take a familiar journey...and share that experience with your partner, or venture out and explore an ENTIRELY new place. Personally, I find it more enjoyable to share a new destination together; especially one that may place us outside our comfort zone. Getting out of the comfort zone really has a way of growing a couples chemistry into something extraordinary.

2. Become a Stronger Couple

Trips can help you grow strong in your relationship. Everyone knows that new experiences allow you to grow as an individual, but new experiences can also grow and strengthen couples. There are times while on vacation, opportunities to become stronger and more unified present themselves. When outside your usual environment, anything can come your way. Couples should always be prepared for difficulties, adversities, and challenges. Facing them head on, together as a team, can be a powerful experience. Pushing through challenges and overcoming them together is simply empowering! Makes you feel like you can take on the world together!

3. Learn to adjust to each other’s Lifestyle

This reason is especially true for new couples! We all have different lifestyles and if you are traveling with your partner for the first time, you will understand not everything you guys share is alike. You deal with problems differently and you understand situations differently. While on vacation together, you are literally FORCED to accept and adapt to your partners least for the remainder of the trip. Trips together can be eye opening and give each person in the relationship the opportunity to decide if the differences are something you an live with...usually for a lifetime. Even small things you squeeze the toothpaste out the tube (rolling from the bottom, or squeezing in the middle)...will be discovered. Hopefully, when the trip is over you realize that the differences can't overpower the amazing rest of the vacation you shared.

4. Get an insight into your partner’s Habits and Personality

If your partner doesn’t like lying in bed all day and is outgoing when you’re quite the opposite, you both will need to create balance so both enjoy and take away something special from your vacation time together. Traveling together will give you an overall "feel" of what your partners is like and what their personality will bring to the "relationship table". AND It's totally okay to have different personalities! Many couples have discovered that introvert and extrovert personalities tend to balance the relationship. Ever heard the phrase "Opposites Attract"? Keep that in mind if you feel your partner is the complete polar opposite while making vacation plans and while on the actual vacation itself.

5. Learn each others Likes and Dislikes

You learn to adjust with each other’s likes and dislikes. For example, if your partner likes outdoor restaurants and you love a cozy, more intimate environment you will need to compromise in order to make your partner happy and vice versa. Building a relationship is a two-way thing and compromise is key! While on vacation, both partners learn to enjoy activities they may not have necesisarily enjoyed otherwise, for the sake of the relationship. This ties back to stepping outside that comfort zone. Remember? Like I said, stepping outside your comfort zone causes extraordinary things to occur...even if it means being afraid of heights and agreeing to a rooftop dinner...might as well concur that FEAR for LOVE!

6. Discover Mutual interests Shared

You find out about your mutual interests and the things you both enjoy the most together. Knowing the things you share in common, automatically provides you with things you can build upon! Discovering commonalities while on vacation is EXCITING! It allows you to strengthen your bond through activities that are enjoyable for both parties at the same time. There isn't a compromise being made; only genuine interest and excitement being shared. Mutual interests are the kind of discoveries that you want to take note of and utilize for years to come! As you grow old together, you can spend time together with these mutual interest at the center of the activity...EVERY SINGLE TIME!

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to traveling together as a couple. Pick one, and get to planning! Taking a vacation together can be both enjoyable and informative. You'll discover things you need to know along the way...the ENTIRE time...about your partner. Somethings you'll like...some things maybe not so much. But in the end, it's all valuable information. Plan your trip today, share your true selves with each other tomorrow.

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